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We empower technology innovators to rapidly advance their ideas from concept, to prototype, to production.

We develop hardware and software tools and processes that accelerate the technology transfer and product development process. We have a strong track record of enabling products that perform better, are more manufacturable, and reach the market faster.


Optical system design and prototyping

Automated Precision Assembly

Metrology and Data Management

Modeling and Simulations

We can manage the entire technology transfer process.

Over the years we have refined processes to rapidly progress from an initial, often fuzzily defined concept, to a mature prototype. We achieve this by systematically identifying and retiring technical risk.


We can also address specific technical challenges and help your team by developing tools and processes to overcome them.


These are some of the industries in which we have completed projects

Image by JJ Ying

Optics and Photonics

Image by Jonathan Borba

Medical Devices

Image by Anders J

Renewable Energy

Image by Maxence Pira

Semiconductor Manufacturing Tools

Image by Photoholgic


Image by Dawit

Display Technology

White Background
We hired oeworks as an external resource, to help us accelerate our product development efforts. I was very impressed by the results achieved in a very short period of time. Two complex optomechanical assembly/characterization stations were delivered on time and to spec!

S.T. VP Manufacturing Operations and Engineering

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