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oeworks – About

We approach our projects by developing a solid understanding of our clients’ technical needs and business goals, and we carefully align our deliverables to ensure maximum impact in the shortest time possible, thus creating a path to a better product with earlier market penetration. Over the course of several years and many projects, ranging from early R&D to Volume Production, we have developed the tools and processes that allow us to operate at high velocity while maintaining the highest technical standards.


We understand the value of a shared focus, therefore we put emphasis on communicating progress,  challenges, and successes clearly and openly. Our strong technical skills, business acumen, and systematic approach to leveraging accumulated experience over a range of domains is evidenced by a strong track record of successfully generating value far exceeding the cost of our services.

We are located in Oakland, California, and serve clients world-wide, ranging from household-name tech giants to early stage startups. We’d love to hear about your innovation challenges — reach out to us at

At oeworks we assist technology innovators and drivers by providing solutions that accelerate time-to-value.

oeworks – Domains

We have delivered solutions in several domains:

Fiber Optics



Medical Diagnostics

Display Technology




We are always looking forward to leveraging our domain expertise in new fields and applications.

oeworks – Capabilities

We have developed, and continue to expand, a set of capabilities that enable us to make contributions at every stage of a product’s lifecycle.

We start with a strong foundation in analysis and design. Design is supported by expertise in simulations, including custom software automation tools, that allow us to efficiently explore large design spaces, and produce highly optimized solutions. As prototypes are being fabricated, we can quickly implement automated metrology tools that allow us to collect large volumes of high-quality measurements. These data, combined with data management custom tools and techniques, allow us to reconcile experimental results with simulations, and thus to further refine the design.


We emphasise re-usability while developing metrology. As a result, many of the metrology approaches developed for proof of concept validation have been incorporated into metrology tools used to support volume production. The strong data management foundation that supports both simulations and metrology also enables generating reports and visualizations with limited user intervention.


For many projects, packaging is one of the most critical aspects. We have developed a number of practical and manufacturable packaging solutions. Packaging constraints often inform the overall optical design -- this is something that we always keep in mind, and introduce into the design process at the earliest possible time. 


To support optical assembly and packaging requiring tight tolerances, we have developed a number of precision assembly tools, leveraging expertise in system design, machine vision, and motion control. These same foundation technologies are brought to bear on some of our metrology tools, and, on occasion, we have produced tools that combine assembly and metrology components.


Applying these tools and methodologies to product development frequently results in generation of new intellectual property. We have established processes to capture such ideas, and assist our clients to translate them into defensible patents.


We offer support based on individual such capabilities, or combinations of elements, all the way to complete product lifecycle management solutions.

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